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Many moons ago, Warren Ellis and Phil Jiminez wrote and drew an issue of Hellblazer.

It was called Shoot.

It got pulled before it went to press, because at the time the higher ups at DC and Time Warner deemed it too sensitive after the school killings in the US. Which I have still to see the US government do anything about, other than blame it on computer games and the Matrix.

I got hold of the pages from someone I know on the web, and here you can see what the big fuss was about. And the fact that DC got the wrong end of the stick.

Personally I think it's a brilliant issue, one of the best of the very short Hellblazer run Warren did.

Because of DC's messing about, Warren quit Hellblazer. Which was not a good thing.

Save it to your own hard drives before I get forced to take it down...
I present, for your Ellis-addiction, education and thought processes, Hellblazer #141

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pg6 - pg7 - pg8 - pg9 - pg10
pg11 - pg12 - pg13 - pg14 - pg15
pg16 - pg17 - pg18 - pg19 - pg20
pg21 - pg22

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Remember, I don't lay claim to any of this work. Those lovely folk at Time Warner and DC own the copyright to Conjob and his ilk.
Pity they don't have more respect for the creations they own.